Website Design for Leonards at 39 Begins..

It was fantastic working with Darren and Charlie at N03 in 2015, and two years later, they have expanded to a cocktail and drinks bar in the center of Ross-on-Wye with their new establishment ‘Leonards at 39’. This website design has to be as classy like their last design for N03, but this time it needs to be mysterious.

Unlike N03 website design, there are no bookings or appointments needed for their new additional establishment; it’s simply a web presence. A minimalist approach with animated visuals, SVG’s and designed graphics will be used on an optimised WordPress framework. We are working closely with both Darren and Charlie with the design. Charlie has experience as an interior designer, so we’ve matched the interior colours from their new establishment, and will be using these on the site.

Watch this space! 😉

leonardsat39preview industrial video production company
colour scheme industrial video production company