wordpress losing users to website builders

What Would it Take For WordPress to Lose its Web Design Dominance?

WordPress has evolved into a fantastic content management system over the last 10+ years, but could this be the end of it’s dominance?

Trends shows it all. Recently technologies like web design builders were always terrible, and the reason a lot of people went to Joomla and WordPress was due to .ASP losing popularity and designers switching to PHP, and WordPress was a good framework to adopt this coding.

New Game in Town

Wix, Weebly, Moonfruit, Square Space. These are all website builders. Generally speaking, it’s bad technology, you pay a premium to host the site, yet you have no webspace to play with and no FTP details. For the last few years the technology was terrible; many websites developed by the mentioned companies were of poor construction and terrible aesthetics but lately they’ve really upped their game, and this can be seen on the Google Trends image.
Just like people left Joomla as a framework to come over to the ever improving WordPress, people are going into webdesign with the intention of using Wix, Weebly, Moonfruit and Square Space.

It’s possible in the next 5 years, wordpress will be abandoned as website builders improve in their flexibility for design whilst maintaining good rankings on search engines…