Why We Rock

We really do rock. But don't just take our word for it! Take a look at some of our client's feedback..

Ian Coleman

Since my childhood in Venezuela I’ve had a fascination with animals. We had an outdoor life, very much in touch with the extraordinary animals and landscapes of the tropics, its bird and sea life, and the mountains of the Northern Andes. I’ve been making art my whole working life, in various different roles including as a concept artist, animator, illustrator and for the last 25 years as a wildlife and marine painter.

What was online business like before this website?
The old site desperately needed updating as the importance of being mobile friendly is now my main concern. This new site addresses that brilliantly and is exactly what I was looking for.

Why did you choose Luke Sutton Web Design?
I checked out his previous sites, asked his advice about a computer repair and realised he knew exactly what I was looking for in a new website.

What do you think of your website?
It’s great! It answers my brief, my design aesthetics and most importantly my eCommerce requirements.

How has it impacted your business?
I’ve already had a sale in the first week, generated more traffic through my blog articles and dynamically showcases my work to a new level.

How is business going? What new things are on the horizon?
The site is ready to add further content and Luke teaches you how to edit existing articles, pages, blogs etc., which is so important!

Doobie Brothers or The Eagles?
The Eagles.

Nick Daly

Nick Daly is a London based photographer working in the advertising lifestyles and portraiture arena. His work and personal projects are focused on people and landscapes, or portraits in carefully managed interiors.

What was business like before this website?
Business was good, but the website design limited me to relatively few images and it was difficult to change the layout. The website was was dated and it wasn’t possible to change the layout without changing the theme. It reached the point where it was time to change.

Why did you choose Luke Sutton Web Design?
All my previous web designers were London based and I needed somebody I could meet up with frequently. I found Luke Sutton on the footer of N03 website design, which had received numerous positive reviews.

What do you think of your website?
It’s good, its current. It has a flexible theme, I can increase, decrease the number of pages easily. I know the support from Luke is relatively painless.

How has it impacted your business?
Very positive. I had a new client within the first week of launch. More work from new clients. Visually it’s easier to tailor with new projects. Overall, very positive.

How is business going? What new things are on the horizon?
Positive. New clients and new projects, mostly large organisations. I have recently done work for Sport England – a government body promoting fitness of the UK. They handle England Cricket, Netball, Rounders.

Night owl or early bird?
I’m a very early bird, I like to be up at Dawn!

Nicky Lawrenson

PGA Fellow Professional Nicky Lawrenson first took up the game more than 20 years ago. In 1998 she embarked upon her professional career at the prestigious Belfry Golf Centre, host to numerous Ryder Cup matches and attained her PGA Diploma gaining 3rd position within Great Britain and Ireland in the Titleist Trainee of The Year Award.

What was life like before this website?
I had a website previously but it was a very simple static site which wasn’t optimising my business as much it could.

Why did you choose Luke Sutton Web Design?
I very much liked the professional style and design of Luke’s work, quality design at affordable prices.
What do you think of your website?
I am very happy with the finished look and feel to the site and also new added features which will certainly help my business moving forward and ones which I had never utilised in the past.

How has it impacted your business?
Things are progressing well and Luke’s SEO expertise are certainly helping with it’s performance moving forward.

How is business going? What new things are on the horizon?
Business is going well. Moving forward we are looking to implement video content and a membership area which will be an exciting expansion.

Winter or summer?

Luke Sutton

Luke is a top-ranking SEO expert, providing tailored, in-depth analysis and strategic solutions for every unique need.

With over 5 years experience in website development and search engine optimisation, Luke’s knowledge of the very latest development platforms – such as WordPress – is underpinned by substantial understanding of website infrastructure, SQL databases, hosting and FTP.

Integrating his extensive SEO expertise, the result is excellent quality, durable websites that rank high on Google and target the end user.
Luke excels in design and takes pride in creating beautiful interfaces and user-friendly, goal-driven aesthetics. He is advanced in HTML and CSS and competent in PHP, resulting in unique and versatile website designs that stand out from the crowd to engage your key customer.

He is also an excellent graphic designer and has produced a wide range of logos and other graphics available on request.
Most of all, Luke is a personable and friendly young man who always puts the customer’s needs first. He is honest, committed and dependable, and his reputation for integrity precedes him.

April Shipton

April has a unique approach to website design through training in targeted online marketing.

April has spent a combined 7 years providing website and marketing services for both local and national agencies. Her flare for design and passion to achieve results that matter make her an effective, talented website designer.

She started developing websites from the age of 12, and today has extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS and the very latest that content management systems such as WordPress have to offer. She has worked with many different frameworks for both the business and charity sector, and is constantly learning and improving her techniques.

She understands visitor behaviour, persuasion tactics and targeting the people that matter; coupled with her knack for creating visually stunning websites, her work consistently results in excellent conversion rates. She also provides tailored copy writing with excellent communication skills, graphics and logo design and website development.

April has a wonderful friendly nature and is highly reputable, honest and reliable.

Norbert Toth

Norbert's background in programming gives him a different perspective. His patience and logical problem-solving abilities knows no bounds.

Norbert Toth is our most recent addition to the team. He graduated in Hungary and later went to study IT and computer programming on Delhi language. He’s picked up HTML5 and CSS3 quickly and is currently studying Javascript and PHP coding.

He has excellent listening skills; he understands what the customer needs and what goals they are trying to accomplish. His patience is phenomenal; regardless of what the issue, he remains logical and optimistic at all times.

He has a great enthusiasm for technology and spends a lot of his time reading the latest blogs on science, and new technological advances. In his spare time, Norbert has become skilled in Archery, and he enjoys role playing games such as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, and Vampire. He keeps fit with hiking and reads often.

Captain James T. Kirk
"Without freedom of choice there is no creativity."
Captain James T. Kirk
Human Starfleet officer in the 23rd century