website rut

Why Your Website’s SEO is Stagnant

You’ve probably heard the adage which states that “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging“. Truer words were never spoken for some SEO campaigns. The older the website with fewer steps taken to creating fresh content within its lifetime, the harder it is to push the SEO campaign out of the mud. Conversely, a website that launches with regular beneficial content for both the reader and Google, will always do better.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t help some of you that have a 10-year-old website that published very little unique and fresh content over its lifetime, and this can make it very challenging to prove to Google that you’ve changed your game.

The Best Predictor of Future Behaviour.. is Past Behaviour

Google will keep a skeptical account of your website’s progress, and it will try to determine its future by looking into its past record. Simply put, if you or your past SEO’ers have been using black-hat tactics to undermine Google’s ranking algorithms, you could be in for a nasty surprise; a history of bad-link neighbourhoods and blacklisting of your IP due to spammy email campaigns could render your domain name utterly worthless – forever.

It is highly dubious that Google will forgive this type of behaviour, so if you’re unsure, contact me to take a look at your website, its history and any blacklisting or penalties that may be in play.

Small Steps, Big Changes

Building progress with a stagnant SEO campaign will take time with slow gradual effort to progressively earn Google’s trust. Any immediate gains or mass link building of any kind will simply be rejected, and a penalty will be introduced for a limited time to hinder any ranking potential on your main keywords. A combination of consistency and relevancy is always key.

Whatever you do, don’t lose patience. The only thing you should concern yourself with is providing the very best service you can. It is not about getting to the top of Google, but providing the best service in your field.

I can guarantee one thing; if you attempt to SEO your website on the cheapyou will waste countless hours in an effort to save money, going in the wrong direction – most of the time. Give me a call.