website design

Your Website Design and What You Are About

Your Website Is Supposed to Say What You’re All About.

A good website should inspire the customer to engage in the content. To subscribe, or buy that particular product. It’s a statement of the company or organisation, and it’s more than just a business card or a leaflet online. It represents your identity and footprint on the web. I take it seriously, because a well-done website design and good SEO can launch your business and increase profit margins.
I’ve found a lot of the time, a simple WordPress site can generated their owner a turn-over of over £500,000 a year. Of course, their traffic was generated from Google organic results; But it just goes to show the power of a well done, scripted and responsive site that communicates well with it’s customers. I aim to do just that, and once we’ve established your goals over a pot of tea, we can get down to the business.